For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 2


A lot has happened since we recorded our last podcast. It’s been an exciting (and frustrating) time for CANwnt fans, having (finally!) played our first matches since the Women’s World Cup at the International Tournament of Natal 2015 in Brazil.

In the four-match tournament we emerged victorious in two matches and placed second overall. Go team! However, as we discuss on the podcast, those matches were difficult to access and coverage was sparse at best which has led to some fan frustration. On a much more enthusiastic note, we give our reactions to the Natal tournament and the U-20 CONCACAF tournament that both took place in December. We also talk about who we expect to see in the January training camp leading into the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament in February, and what other international teams have been up to since last summer’s World Cup.


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