For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 3


These are indeed exciting times in the world of women’s soccer, especially when you’re a Canadian national team fan.

Seven of 12 spots have already been claimed for the Rio 2016 Olympics and two more are up for grabs in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament in Texas from February 10 to 21. If Canada claims one of the top two spots in the eight team tournament, they’re off to the Olympics.

In this latest podcast, we discuss the Canadian team’s roster for the CONCACAF tournament, make predictions for match outcomes, talk a little about the teams who have already qualified for Rio and which other teams we think might qualify, and let fans know where they can watch the CONCACAF tournament. (Yes, we can all watch the matches!) We also touch on the recent NWSL college draft and place a few bets, like ya do.

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