For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 6

Erin McCleod in Toronto May 27 2015. Photograph by KC Armstrong.
Erin McLeod in Toronto May 27 2015. Photograph by KC Armstrong.

Spring is in the air, soccer fans, and you know what that means — the regular NWSL season has begun!

At the top of the podcast we discuss our thoughts about Canada’s international friendly (and exhibition match) against the Netherlands earlier in April. Then, we review the  recently announced group stage draws for the Rio Olympics and what we expect the impact on Canada to be. Speaking of impact, we couldn’t let this episode go by without talking about Erin McLeod, the devastating news of her injury, and we do our best to articulate a tribute to her. With the top spot for Canada’s number one goalkeeper now up for grabs, we also discuss Canada’s less notorious keepers and how we expect them to fare in Rio.

We may only be two weekends in to the NWSL season, but we still have lots to say about what we’ve seen so far. Plus, we answer some of your awesome questions from Tumblr. It’s another chock-full episode, friends, and we hope you check it out!

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