For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 10

After months of talking about it, the Rio 2016 Olympics are finally here! We’ve devoted most of our latest episode to discussing the first two group stage matches against Australia and Zimbabwe, which (spoiler alert) Canada WON! That’s right — after a final group stage match against Germany on August 9, Canada will advance to the quarter finals.

In other exciting news, our show schedule will be changing a little going forward; turns out, we can’t cover everything we want to cover with just one podcast a month, so from now on you’ll be hearing from us every two weeks.

And speaking of not being able to cover everything we want to in each episode: in our last podcast we ran out of time to mention that the NCAA Hermann Trophy watch list came out on July 20 and five Canadians were named to the list this year:

Two more CANWNT players are not currently on the watch list but they will be playing in the NCAA:

Most NCAA teams will start their season on August 13 and games are available online, so if the Rio coverage isn’t enough to quench your thirst for soccer, be sure to check them out.

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