For Kicks

Favourite 2016 CANWNT Soccer moments

Our listeners chose their favourite Canadian Soccer moments from 2016! Along with choosing their favourites we also heard some wonderfully uplifting stories of people coming together with complete strangers to enjoy the sport we all love. Thanks to everyone who submitted their responses. Here’s the top 10 listener chosen moments!

10 – John Herdman getting Happy Birthday pie in the face.

9 – Highest FIFA ranking ever!

8 – Any and all Snapchats by the CANWNT.

7 – KK Cam Karaoke. ‘Nuff said.

6 – The CANWNT becoming the Algarve Cup champions in Spring 2016.

5 – Captain Tanc with 2 goals! AGAINST GERMANY, FERCHRISTSAKE!


4 – The CANWNT beating the GERWNT for the first time in Canadian women’s soccer history!

3 – CANWNT friendlies on home soil.

2 – Christine Sinclair beating Mia Hamm’s international goals scored record.

1 – Obviously, the CANWNT winning bronze at the Rio Olympics!

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