For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 23: The Algarve Cup

Canada arrived in Portugal for this year’s Algarve Cup as reigning champions and left with the second place prize. It was a performance we feel pretty good about considering the number of new young players on the tournament roster this year.

Streams for the games were scant but luckily, our European correspondent Janine was there for the final vs. Spain and was able to talk about how the game looked field-side.

In this episode we talk about:

  • CANWNT news
  • The Algarve Cup, including our chat with Janine (there is an echo on our chat with Janine so if it’s too much for your ears you can skip from 30:45 – 42:17 to avoid some echo in your ear)
  • Our on-again/off-again relationship with Canada Soccer
  • The weather, because we’re that Canadian (spoiler: snow in Edmonton!)

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Intro music: “Nightlife/Knifefights” – The Wet Secrets

Outro music: “A Little Respect” – Erasure

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