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For Kicks, Episode 35: A farewell to John Herdman, CONCACAF Women’s U20 Championship

A very (if not slightly belated) Happy New Year, woso fans! It was nice to have a little time off from podcasting over the holidays but our return couldn’t have been timed better because something we really didn’t expect to happen happened last week: John Herdman announced he would be leaving the Canadian women’s soccer team to coach the Canadian men’s team.

So tune in and listen to what is basically a therapy session where we talk through our feelings on this big announcement. In this episode, we:

  • Try real hard to be diplomatic as we dish on the facts and our feelings about John Herdman’s departure from CANWNT
  • Share info about the upcoming Algarve Cup
  • Talk about the CONCACAF U20 Championship tournament that’s about to get underway
  • Share some of our hopes and dreams for this year’s NWSL draft
  • Get the conversation started about some recent NWSL news and trades

There was more to cover than we expected, but then again, there always is. We’ll get into NWSL talk a little deeper in one of our next couple of episodes.

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Intro music: “Little Things”Doug Hoyer

Outro music: “One Foot”Doug Hoyer

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