For Kicks

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 54: A reflection on the 2019 World Cup

What a month it’s been! The World Cup is our favourite time of each four years and now it’s all over. While we’re a little sad to see it end, it was great while it lasted. And, it was the perfect reminder of how quickly the women’s game is changing—mostly for the best.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • the semi finals – England vs. USA and Netherlands vs. Sweden
  • the finals – England vs. Sweden for third place and Netherlands vs. USA for the championship title
  • TSN/CTV’s expert all-woman panel with Kate Beirness, Clare Rustad, Kaylyn Kyle and Diana Matheson
  • the impact of VAR on the tournament and the modern game in general
  • what Canada and other countries need to do if we want our teams to ever match the United States
  • where Canada’s coaching could head in the future

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