For Kicks

Not a farewell, but a seeya around

In our most recent episode, we announced that our episode following the Tokyo Olympics will be our last.

This was a tough decision for us to make. We’ve loved making this podcast. We’ve loved how it’s connected us to the women’s soccer community. We’ve met so many incredible people, including some of our own personal heroes. 

So we want to assure you we have no plans to abandon this community. In fact, we feel local soccer needs us most right now. Over the last several years we’ve seen progress in our own community and other communities across the country, and that’s where we want to put some of our time and focus in the future.

We started For Kicks in fall 2015. That’s almost six years ago! It began on the tail of our excitement around the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada. We said we’d run as a “special edition” podcast until the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Obviously we had a lot more to say because here we are, five years later.

At the time, we saw the podcast not just as an outlet for our own enthusiasm about the Canadian women’s national soccer team, but we were trying to fill a gap. Women’s soccer news and coverage was so hard to come by. We were hungry to hear about our favourite sport and our favourite players. We knew others were, too.

Since then, some really wonderful things have happened. More podcasts and online publications covering women’s soccer have emerged, and the Canadian national team sees more coverage from major sports media outlets. We feel like what we set out to do is in good hands—better hands than ours, ha!

And, importantly—we’re not going anywhere! This community is just as important to us now as it was six years ago. In some ways, even more important. We want to say thank you to everyone we met, or agreed to talk to us, or gave us a tip, or asked us a question, or simply listened to an episode. You were a huge part of why we kept going for five years longer than we planned. We’re looking forward to continuing to build this community by your side. We’ll still be on Twitter where you follow us now, @forkickspodcast.

We started this podcast literally for kicks, but what we found was a community that embraced us, and we’re so grateful.

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