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For Kicks Podcast, Episode 32: Chat with Desiree Scott and Melissa Tancredi

Desiree Scott and Melissa Tancredi were recently in Edmonton for FC Edmonton’s Girls in Soccer II night and Pro-Connect event. While they were in town, we had a chance to chat with them about the upcoming international friendlies vs. USA, the importance of girls in soccer nights, their hometowns and more. They were an absolute delight to talk to and it was so great to see them share their stories, inspire and celebrate with girls in soccer.

Desiree Scott made her debut with the Canadian national team in 2010 and since then, she’s been an unstoppable force also known as “the Destroyer.” Scott is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner, supporter of KidSport and all around badass who doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

Melissa Tancredi made her debut with the Canadian national team in 2004 and until her retirement from the team early this year, she had 125 appearances and 27 goals. Also a two-time Olympic bronze medalist, “Tanc” helped Canada make history with a pair of goals that resulted in the team’s first ever win against Germany at the 2016 Olympics.

Thanks to both Desiree and Melissa for taking the time to talk to us!

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