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For Kicks Podcast, Episode 71: Wilkinson is out of CSA, CANWNT is in SheBelieves

The new year has given us lots to talk about so far. Some of it big, some of it small, some of it amazing, some of it not so great. We try to get to it all in our latest episode!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recent CANWNT news including Canada going to the SheBelieves Cup
  • Canadians in the NWSL draft and those who are moving around in clubs abroad
  • Rhian Wilkinson’s announcement that she is leaving Canada Soccer
  • The addition of St. Albert Impact FC to the United Women’s Soccer League, including recent player signings

Intro music: Incapable – Róisín Murphy

Outro music: Murphy’s Law – Róisín Murphy

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For Kicks

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 55: Catching up on WOSO news post WWC

This year has been all about the World Cup for us, and with that behind us we’ve turned our attention to everything else going on in the world of women’s soccer. But just because we’re tuned into other soccer doesn’t mean we’re not keeping a really close eye on what’s going on with Canada’s national team, too.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Canada Soccer news, measly though it may be, including:
    • our thoughts on recent comments by Coach Kenneth Heiner-Moller
    • the future of the U20 program with new head coach Rhian Wilkinson at the helm
  • NWSL news, particularly the new ESPN deal that will make NWSL games available to Canadians on TSN
  • Foothills WFC in the UWS Championship
  • Recent comments by CPL Commissioner David Clanachan on the prospect of a women’s side to the Canadian Premier League

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