For Kicks, For Kicks Podcast

For Kicks Podcast, Episode 24: CANWNT vs Sweden & Germany, NWSL’s opening weekend

Ask and you shall receive! In the past week, not only did Canada play two top tier teams in international friendlies, but Canada Soccer gave fans access to live feeds of the games. To stick with the metaphor—it was a miracle.

ORRRR, Canada Soccer has been listening to the outcry from fans. Either way, we’re thrilled Canada continued to be challenged by the best teams in the world and we got to watch it.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Canada vs Sweden (April 6 international friendly)
  • Canada vs Germany (April 9 international friendly)
  • UWCL updates
  • NWSL season kickoff games, including our (likely wildly inaccurate) score predictions

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Intro music: “Nightlife/Knifefights” – The Wet Secrets

Outro music: “Because I’m Me” – The Avalanches